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Pulpmill Construction History

Under the ownership of the Winstone Samsung Industries group,the Pulpmill construction commenced in January 1977. The following is a brief overview of the progress made in the two years of the plant development that concluded with the first dispatch of pulp in November 1978.



  • Jan - First of many trees felled (10th)
  • Feb - Site clearance
  • Apr - Concrete foundations laid for mill & admin offices
  • May - Building construction commences
  • May - Pulp production trials commence
  • Aug - Storm water drainage
  • Sept - 1st floor of mill underway
  • Oct First mill exterior wall panel erected (29th)
  • Oct - Refiner floor slab poured
  • Oct - Grass sowing commences
  • Nov - Andritz foundations laid
  • Nov - Woodroom building foundations started
  • Nov - Log yard development
  • Dec - Mill roof placed


  • Jan - Final floor pour on second level
  • Jan - Internal framing of workshops (27th)
  • Jan - NZED substation construction underway
  • Jan - Effluent pond excavation
  • Feb - Pulp machinery arrival on site
  • Feb - Electrical wiring installation
  • Feb - 2nd concrete pour of the 3rd floor
  • Feb - Reservoir construction commences
  • Mar - Effluent pipeline laid
  • Apr - Installation of plant: flash driers, dewatering machines, thermal plant, disc filters
  • Apr - Woodroom erected
  • Apr - Road sealing from SH 49
  • Apr - Mill roof slabs placed
  • May - Installation of plant: refiners, furnace & gas channels, bale forming presses (19th), bale packing presses, Andritz
  • May - Mill roads sealed
  • Jun - Debarking drum installed
  • Jun - Cooling stage cyclones
  • Jun - Water pump testing
  • Jun - Major snow storm
  • Jul - Upper control plant installation\
  • Aug - Woodroom building walls erected
  • Sep - main 11 KV electrical panel wired
  • Sep - Log deck set-up
  • Sep - Installation of polishing parascrews
  • Sep - Production is underway
  • Sep - First chip delivery (22nd)
  • Sep - First chip blown to the stockpile (29th)
  • Oct - First log delivery (16th)
  • Oct - First steam outlet (29th)
  • Nov - First truck load of pulp departs (2nd)
  • Nov - First log to chip production (3rd)
  • Nov - First load out on railway wagons from Tangiwai (6th)
  • Nov - Karioi railway sidling construction begins (20th)
  • Dec First rail load out from Pulpmill

Pulp Production History (MORE COMING)

Annually Karioi Pulpmill produces in excess of 220,000 air dried metric tonnage (ADMT) of bleached chemi-thermo-mechanical pulp (BCTMP).

WPI Pulpmill is the only New Zealand producer of softwood BCTMP from Radiata pine.

How Does WPI Make Pulp?

Click here to view a diagram of the pulp making process (may take a minute to download).

What Pulp Product Can WPI Supply?

WPI's BCTMP pulp is exported throughout Asia and consumed in products ranging from paperboard and tissue to printing papers.

Grades 250 to 420 freeness and 60-80 brightness are routinely produced with tailor made pulps produced according to the individual customer's specification.

A new innovation in recent years has been the Advanced Board (AB) grade pulp. The AB grade is produced specifically for those customers wanting to improve formation yet retain bulk advantage of the Radiata pine.

Who Can You Contact to Find Out More?

Please contact our Pulp Sales and Marketing Team:

Pulp Sales and Marketing Manager - Mike Ryan