We Are Proud


Safe production means lean, high quality and high performing production

Safety is important to us at WPI, and we are committed to manufacturing our products in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible way. Our safety statement outlines the aims and actions we have put in place to ensure our employees, contractors and visitors are not exposed to harm or hazards.  Biannual targets are established in WPI’s HS Plan which is cascaded down to site plans and programs.  The HS Plan sets targets and lag indicators (injury frequency) and lead indicators for Safe Conditions and Safe Behaviours.



Systems to ensure structure and consistency

WPI has established a Safety Management System (SMS) aligned to the structure of ISO 45001. This is supported by the WPI’s Risk Management, Incident Management and Learning Management Systems. The purpose of these systems is to ensure structure and consistency in the planning, implementation and management control of HS issues. WPI certifies this system by annually by independent external audit to the relevant standards at the Pulpmill which is a Major Hazard Facility constituting our most significant HS hazards. A strength of the HS System is the internal audit program to review compliance, conformance to the system, management of key hazards and housekeeping.




Establishing safe patterns of behaviour during all tasks and activities

The root cause of most injury and incident is behaviour. The SMS ensures that all staff, contractors and visitors are inducted and trained to understand hazards and the requirements of their roles. This is supported by a monthly worker engagement program of tool box talks and business meetings to reinforce key safety messages for major hazards, safety and wellbeing programs. Stop and Think is an on-going awareness and personal risk assessment program to establish safe patterns of behaviour during all tasks and activities which occur on the Pulpmill and Sawmill sites.




Providing a safe and healthy work environment

We believe it's our duty to help prevent injury or illness by providing a safe and healthy work environment. Additionally, we endeavour to minimise any personal, social and economic consequences of workplace incidents through our Return to Work process. This means that anyone who has suffered from a workplace injury or illness will be offered suitable positions as part of their return to their pre-injury duties.